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5 Principles
Riana Yoga


Riana Yoga


The practice of Yoga should soften the hardness of the body and mind created by the stress of our way of living, of being, of thinking, by the alienation that we create every day. Through softening our bodies and mind we can again learn to listen to the pulsations of life from deep within ourselves.


5 Principles of Riana Yoga


Understanding and using these 5 principles of riana yoga will enable you not also improve your yoga practice; it will make your life meaningful and joyful. 


Yourself (Citta)


The whole practice of Yoga is for the evolution of YOU – your mind, intelligence and ego. Without knowing the purpose of your yoga practice, there is no yoga.

Every choice that we make, every action that we take has to be taken with awareness so that we can move forward to a more enlightened state and be free of any worldly worries.


5 Principles of Riana Yoga



Humans are a part of the universe. We live interdependently with the plants, animals and eco-system of this planet. Thus, we have to live for the interest not only of oneself but also for the good of the planet.

Our body is a micro system of the planet. The body, as the earth are made of 5 different elements – water, ether, air, earth and fire. These 5 elements have to be in balance with each other for the world to be in harmony. The same with our body – these elements work together to keep our body vital and healthy.




Love is a powerful catalyst of our behaviour. It is because of love we act in the interest of our environment and ourselves. If there is love, all problems in the world will be solved and there will be no war.

Love allows us to do things without seeking a fixed end result or return. Love is beyond measure and logical reason.





Energy is what makes things live and move. Energy is everywhere. Yoga is efficient use of the energy we have available to us. The key principles of practice are based on the understanding of the energy of the mind/body and its interaction with the basic law of nature. Since energy cannot be destroyed and it can only transfer from one medium to another, our goal in Yoga is to learn how to efficiently utilize the energy around us to our advantage



the real purpose of life, guides our actions towards achieving our goals. Understanding the possibilities and different cultures empowers us to make the best decisions for ourselves.


Moreover, the benefits of yoga extend far beyond physical strength. Through Yoga, we can tap into our inner power and take charge of our own destiny. B.K.S. Iyengar emphasizes that practicing Yoga with friendliness, compassion, gladness, and non-attachment is essential.


While we prioritize alignment during our practice, we also pay close attention to the energy flow and distribution in the body. A true Yoga practice involves the engagement of mind, intelligence, and body.


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