Class Schedule

Jan 9 – 31, 2021 Class Schedule

Light & Restore (90 mins)

A low impact class. Move slowly with clear instructions to slowly open up the body and restore its natural balance. Begin with opening the hips, legs and shoulders to alleviate stiffness in the back. Perfect for beginners. Bolsters, blankets, blocks, belts and chair are tools used to help you achieve a lightness and relaxation in the body, as well as mental bliss.

Beginner (90 Mins)

A balanced class that builds an incredibly strong , lean and resilient body. Emphasis proper alignment and detailed teaching that starts with standing poses and continuing to forwarding bending, lateral twists, baby backbending and an introduction to inversions to balance our auto-immune and hormonal system.

Intermediate (90 mins)

A class for students who are more confidents with their body and ready to explore more challenging poses. A vinyasa flow is introduced to energize the body. With a more positive mindset, open up your perceived boundaries and amaze yourself with what you can achieve.