Scoliosis Level 2

With Marcia Monroe

Theme for for the workshop: Addressing Yoga for Scoliosis and Asymmetries

Learn updated information and principles to work with asymmetries and scoliosis with safety.

How to assess asymmetries and the curves as the first step for self knowledge and foundation for the yoga practice so the individual and proper modifications can take place.

Sequences to improve lenght, expansion, alignment, stabiltiy, strenght, balance, and derotation.

Supprted Inversions and basic stages of pranayama for the tri dimensional aspects of scoliosis and asymmetries.

Apropriate for students of Yoga with at least six months of experience in Yoga, students with minor back pain but able to practice, asymmetries, and scoliosis as well as yoga teachers interested in the theme. Teachers are also welcome to bring their own student with scoliosis or asymmetries. The workshop will be experiential.


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