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About Riana Yoga
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About Riana Yoga

At Riana Yoga we believe the most difficult and ultimate challenge in Life is to achieve balance. Balance in Life, Work and Yoga. Maintaining awareness of the breath, we balance the practice with flowing movements and some holding of the postures. Instructions are given when needed to lead you to a safe practice with body alignment.


Classes are fun and yoga postures are taught to build up awareness of yourself in body and in mind.




Together, we want to inspire people to live a better life through Yoga.


More than just learning Yoga poses,

We want everyone to  apply Yoga in their daily lives.



From the way you sit, walk and stand,

to learn to keep calm in urgent circumstances.




You will ultimately gain the goal of life, that is, to lead a full, happy and  meaningful life.

“2021 Brings us into a new world where physical and mental well-being is valuable and should be our top priority. Yoga is effective in helping us reach towards complete wellness of physical and mental strength.

To adapt, evolve and grow. ”

- Riana A. Singgih

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