About Riana Yoga

What is Riana Yoga?

To answer this seemingly complex question, Riana Yoga is not a new style of Yoga but simply Riana’s way of imparting her lifetime experience, knowledge and practice of Iyengar Yoga to her students.

Who is Riana? She is a Yoga student who studied for many years under the great master, B.K.S Iyengar in his Institute in Pune, India, a loving mother of 5 and a disciplined teacher to many Yoga teachers in Indonesia, Singapore and China. People who know her describe her as graceful with an aura of sophistication and yet strong, intelligent and courageous.

To Riana, the practice of Yoga has brought her health, happiness and LOVE, the core value that makes up Riana Yoga. It is hard even for Riana herself to say why her teaching is different because she has lived her entire life surrounded by Love and LOVE is not something you can quantify or buy. There are no 1 set instructions to follow that if you do these things, then you can get LOVE. One cannot buy happiness or Love, one has to experience it. To many of her students, they experience her warmth and Love over time spent with her, over understanding her and in time, understanding themselves. Prioritizing what is important in their lives, opening their hearts and minds. Being connected to your inner self that brings out the quality of strength, goodness and kindness in you.

Riana’s teaching can mold your character to be strong and be ready to face the adversities of the world and find Love. To be strong and caring are two opposite and yet complimentary factors needed to find a balance in our life, in our Yoga practice.

Teaching Yoga is not about giving many instructions to be followed in a military manner. It is not about memorizing instructions to pass assessments. It is not about having the perfect alignment and pose. The world we are living in is changing so fast, the way people think is changing. People’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Riana’s teaching of using common sense, logical thinking, quick reflexes reflects her understanding of the modern world and its problems. Her warm and compassionate nature make you feel good practicing Yoga, for the sake of liberating the mind. As there is nothing more valuable than liberating the mind. The objective of alignment in practice is so that the mind and soul can fly freely! Only then will we get unconditional true happiness and not just momentary happiness.

Here at Riana Yoga, we practice hard, we challenge ourselves physically, but we place good moral conduct and family commitments above all. With the right attitude and goals, Riana Yoga will bring you physical, mental and spiritual well being. A student once said that, to study under Riana, you need to be intelligent enough to understand her. Maybe he’s right!
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