Intermediate Level

200 Hour

For graduates of Elementary Level program. This program is divided into 6 modules. You can choose to take each program separately but you need to take all 6 modules in order to attain Certification of Intermediate Level.

Module 1

Consolidate the Fundamental Asanas Linking actions within an Asana and to link an Asana to another Asana Actions within Asanas that builds abdominal and lower body strength, Structure of the spine, including the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum and the limbs connected to it.

Module 2

Proceeding to more complex Asanas. Linking actions of different Asana groups within the more complex Asana. Focusing on the upper body. Study the structure of the shoulder joins and neck. – acromioclavicular, glen humeral & sternoclavicular joints How to build up upper body strength for arm balances Learning to deal with shoulder and cervical problems

Module 3

Learning Twisting actions Study the lumbar, pelvic girdle and the femur bone connected to it Learning to deal with lower back problems How to design a sequence for an Inversion practice with variations

Module 4

Study all the parts, functions and possible movements of the knee joint. Explore the movements within Asanas that work the knee joints and working towards Padma Sana. Learning to deal with knee problem Learning Inversion with padmasana

Module 5

Study of the nervous system. How to practice the different groups of Asanas to balance the nervous system. Helping pregnant women and women with menstrual irregularities. Inversions with twist.

Module 6

Study of the respiratory system Study of the chakras, bandhas and kriyas. Working with the upper body. Advancing to more advance Pranayamic practice.

On completion of the course, the student must seek a referral from their teacher trainer to present for their Intermediate Level Assessment.

Certification Teachers of the Secondary level can begin to hold their own Teacher Training at the Elementary level, after 2 years of attaining the Secondary level

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