Explore the Path of Mastery with Riana Yoga Certification Levels!

Welcome to the Riana Yoga Certification Levels page, where your journey towards becoming a certified yoga practitioner reaches new heights. Whether you are an aspiring yogi taking your first steps or a dedicated practitioner aiming for mastery, our certification program offers a roadmap to elevate your practice and share the transformative power of yoga with others.

Our certified instructors, who possess a wealth of experience and knowledge, will be your guides throughout this transformative journey. As you progress through the levels, you will delve into advanced yoga postures, refine your teaching skills, deepen your understanding of anatomy, and explore the spiritual and philosophical dimensions of yoga.

Riana Yoga Certification Levels

Riana Yoga has a progressive five levels of training, which reflects the teacher’s commitment and responsibilities.

The five levels are:

Fundamental Level 200 Hours Elementary Level 300 Hours Intermediate Level 200 Hours Senior Level 200 Hours Advance Level 200 Hours


Each of these levels has a specific syllabus of asanas and pranayama.

To attain Certification at each level, candidates must go through an Assessment to ensure that they meet the standard of practice and teaching appropriate to the level.

Upgrading of Certification

The following shows the period which a teacher must wait before upgrading to the next level.

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