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Our Teachers are PRIDE and JOY

Our teachers are our Ambassadors picked and trained by Riana. Together with our mission  to use the Ancient Art, Science and Philosophy of Yoga, our team continuously learn together to interprete yoga asanas, philosophy and meditation to better share with you a wonderful Yoga experience.

Welcome to Riana Yoga – Teachers Studio Meruya!

Our website,, is an online platform that provides information about our yoga studio located in Meruya, West Jakarta. We take great pride in offering a unique and inspirational yoga destination for yoga enthusiasts of all experience levels.

Our Studio : 

Teachers Studio Meruya is a modern yoga training facility that offers a warm and supportive environment for your yoga practice. Situated in a convenient location in the Meruya area, our studio is easily accessible and equipped with all the facilities to ensure your comfort during your practice.

Our Instructors: 

We have a dedicated and experienced team of yoga instructors to guide you on your yoga journey. Each of our teachers brings diverse expertise, ranging from Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga to Yin Yoga, and is ready to assist you in finding the yoga style that suits your needs and goals.


We offer a variety of yoga classes open to all experience levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Each class is thoughtfully designed to incorporate gentle body movements with a focus on breathwork, meditation, and self-awareness.


We take pride in fostering a friendly and inclusive community at Teachers Studio Meruya. In addition to yoga classes, we organize special events and workshops to enhance knowledge and connections among participants.

Join our yoga community at Teachers Studio Meruya and embark on your journey towards physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Together, we will discover strength in serenity and find happiness in presence. Come join us today!