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Inner Beauty Program

Weight Management, Mind Mastery & Well-Being

A 2 day program that offers you holistic  tools to help you navigate your personal path to wellness.

weight management Wellness in a Broader Sense. Combining exercise, diet and mood management

Why weight management Program?

Health, Slimming & Diet yoga

weight management



The Inner Peaceful Beauty Program: a breakthrough in weight control. Taking charge instead of depriving.

If you’re struggling to maintain your ideal weight, stay happy, calm and focused, it can be hard to break the cycle.

Through a tried and tested combination of yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and practical wisdom, our Inner Peaceful Beauty Program will help you live positively and be forever Beautiful inside and out.




This 2 day program will change your life forever!

A powerful combination of Yoga exercises, Breath Control, Meditation and practical traditional wisdom to empower every woman to take charge of her own life. For young adults, home makers, career women and elderly women.

Some of the benefits you’ll experience include:

Quickly & Effectively Reduce Stress

with the Power of Your Own Breath Do you know that most adults don’t breathe correctly? Learn a series of yogic breathing techniques which can reduce your stress, relieve anxiety & depression, and bring you back to a clear and positive state of mind.  


Build Resilience

with Mind Mastery Understanding the nature of the mind gives you a greater perspective on life. This enables you to not get bothered by issues that used to create frustration, impatience, worry and more.


Learn Meditation    

Learn the life changing skill of Meditation.Through simple yet powerful breathing techniques,  draw yourself  into a  state of meditation. Enjoy a healthier mind and body when you learn to align your mind with your body and connect to your higher states of consciousness.  


Transform your Life

with Guided Yoga & Meditation Learn easy yoga poses you can incorporate into your day for greater health, focus, and relaxation. Recharge the body’s natural mechanism to maintain its optimal weight. Guided meditations that connect you to  the unique beauty within you.

Physical Benefit



     Glowing Skin & Hair 

Mental Benefit

     Mental Alertness

     Better Concentration