Riana A. Singgih - Yoga Teacher

Riana A. Singgih - Yoga Teacher

Riana A. Singgih

Riana A. Singgih – Yoga Teacher is an inspiring and dynamic Yoga teacher who instills fun, enrichment, and fulfillment in her classes. Her abundant love for life and people drives her to inspire others to push beyond their pre-set boundaries, just like learning an asana does.

Furthermore, with the experience of raising five children, Riana respects the individuality and struggles of each person, blending her own yoga and life philosophy into her teachings. She firmly believes in the transformative power of regular Yoga practice, improving both physical and mental well-being. Riana’s deep understanding of Yoga asanas allows her to develop practical self-healing methods by accessing the body’s deepest layers.

Born in a traditional family in Jakarta, Indonesia, Riana’s upbringing in eastern philosophies and culture shaped her profound connection to Yoga. Moreover, her studies in the United States exposed her to Western work ethics and discipline.

Riana’s passion for movement led her to Yoga after trying a class at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco in 1987.

A Journey to India's Yoga Master

In her quest for knowledge and growth, Riana A. Singgih regularly travels to Pune, India, to be close to her Guru, B.K.S. Iyengar, who deeply affected her with his simple ingenious solutions to yoga and life challenges. 

As one of his ten disciples, she accompanied B.K.S. Iyengar on his last overseas trip to China, where Iyengar Yoga had not yet spread. With her extensive experience, Riana is among the most senior teachers in Asia and the world, skillfully leading workshops, classes, and training many aspiring yoga teachers.

Riana is revered as a Guru by many for her compassionate nature and profound respect for life. Due to this inherent kindness, she was motivated to set up the Riana Singgih Foundation, which wholeheartedly donates funds raised through Yoga Events to various charitable causes.

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