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Fundamental Level

200 hours

Deepen your practice and broaden your understanding of Yoga

Start with this foundational program to broaden your understanding of yoga and advance your practice. Learn how to practice yoga to remain healthy and youthful. Build your confidence and learn to teach.

Program Eligibility This program is open to those with a minimum of 1 year yoga practice and who is passionate and sincerely interested in Learning Yoga.


Fundamental Module 1 – 50 hours


  • To learn the basics of Yoga. Learn fundamentals of each group of yoga poses.
  • Learn to do Yoga with correct alignment, weight distribution and have better sense of direction and breathing techniques
  • Through repeating and continued movement, re-learn the range of mobility allowed in the human body, which we might have forgotten due to our sedentary lives. Attain better muscles control, joint mobility and stamina.
  • Cultivate Yoga self -practice as part of your life.

Fundamental Module 2 – 50 hours


  • Once the basic poses are learnt, you will move on to more difficult poses while continuing to deepen your study and practice of the poses learnt in Module 1.
  • Breakthrough perceived limitations of your own body to go beyond your capabilities.
  • Study the effects of each group of asanas on the body. How each asana by itself and as a group can benefit the intended body part improving overall health. Understand how correct sequencing can change your mental state of mind to make you feel happy and relaxed.
  • Start to understand your body’s difficulties and or ease when performing different asanas.
  • Learn simple use of props to support the body in asanas.
  • Through intensive practice, build strength, flexibility, balance and concentration as focus of practice shifts from standing poses to twisting and backbend.
  • Start understanding the Yoga Sutra text, its meanings and its implications in our daily lives in the past, present and future.
  • Approach the body through active and passive movements in the human body to gain health in mind and body

Fundamental Module 3 – 50 Hours


  • A greater focus on alignment, holding the pose longer while allowing the consciousness to penetrate the body and mind.
  • Explore the different sequences, its benefits and pitfalls.
  • Link the different groups of asanas. Learn the art of sequencing a class according to the theme of that class.
  • Deeper penetration Into the Asanas to gain access to the inner body and inner soul.
  • Break free and overcome fears from the past.
  • From the gross muscles, learn to engage the finer, deeper muscles.
  • Learn basic human anatomy as related to yoga poses and its benefits.

Fundamental Module 4 – 50 Hours


  • Once you understand your own body, learn to observe and reflect on your practice.
  • Understand what it means to practice with intelligence.
  • Learn proper techniques to inversions, when and how often is should be done.
  • Modify yoga poses for people with certain health issues.
  • Have greater awareness and consciousness in your own body as you learn to connect internally.
  • Horn observation skills and then learn the art of adjustment when teaching.
  • More focus on teaching techniques of basic yet important yoga asanas.
  • Be able to quieten your mind and to breathe better. Breathing is something we take for granted, yet most of us don’t breathe optimally, thus our health cannot attain optimal health.

Start the practice of Pranayama Prana defined as the energy permeating the universe at all levels and identified as the life force in our body.


Foundation Level Certificate from Riana Yoga will be awarded to those that have successfully completed the course.

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