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Private Yoga

For small groups or on one-to-one.
At your Home, Office or at Our Yoga Studio.

In each session the focus is on individual needs such as:

  • Toning, Strengthening and Energising;
  • Taking your existing yoga practice further;
  • Recovery from an injury;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Post-natal recovery;
  • Starting to do yoga as a beginner.

When are the lessons held:

preferences regarding the time of the lesson are a priority. Classes can be held 7 days a week.


What is the cost of the lesson:

In Centre


Rp.750.000 for a 60-min class 

Rp.2.400.000 for 4 class Package(valid for 4 weeks)

Rp.3.800.000 for 8 class Package(valid for 8 weeks)


Private Online


Rp.300.000 for a 60-min class 

Rp.1.275.000 for 5 class Package(valid for 4 weeks)

Rp.2.500.000 for 10 class Package(valid for 8 weeks)


In Home/Office/Others


For home
visits, please enquire.  The price depends on location.


What if you need to cancel:


can be made with no charge if a minimum of 24 hours notice is given. Failure to notify within this time will be subject to a full charge.