Light & Restore

A low impact class. Move slowly with clear instructions to slowly open up the body and restore its natural balance. Begin with opening the hips, legs and shoulders to alleviate stiffness in the back. Bolsters, blankets, blocks, belts and chairs are tools used to help you achieve lightness and relaxation in the body, as well as mental bliss.

Perfect for those who can't get proper rest & olderly members



A balanced class that helps you improve your mobility and stability. Working the limbs and spine to strengthen the body. Emphasis proper alignment and detailed teaching that starts with standing poses and continuing to forwarding bending, lateral twists, baby backbending.

Intermediate (90 mins)

A class for students who are more confident with their body and ready to explore more challenging poses. A vinyasa flow is introduced to energize the body. Inversions which are key to balance our auto-immune and hormonal system are introduced.


Challenge and enlighten your whole being. For those who are well practiced in the posture and have the athleticism to stay longer in a posture. Explore the subtler aspects of yoga and Yoga practices with Restoratives, Pranayama, mudras, bandhas, therapeutics, etc.

Back Pain & Scoliosis

Increase awareness of your own body. Learn yoga posture that promotes a good posture and alignment. Simple stretches that strengthen and lengthen the spine goes a long way avoid common back pain. Appropriate for students with minor back pain, asymmetric and minor scoliosis.

Neck & Shoulders

Quickly relieve stiff shoulders and tight neck caused by tension and sitting too long on the computer. Modification of standard poses are used to gain access deeper into the stiff areas and bring relieve


Emphasizes on movements and breath for the physical and psychological well-being of modern women. Special attention is given to maintain hormonal balance of a woman as she goes through her monthly ovulation cycle. Perfect for mothers to be and new mothers.

Weight Burning & Toning

A class for students who want to sweat and lose weight. Combining Yoga movements and cardio workout to strengthen your core body. With a more positive mindset, open up your perceived boundaries and amaze yourself with what you can achieve.


The practice of breath awareness and breath techniques to channel our body energy.

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